Evaluation That Brings Out the Best in One Another

Creating the Future’s board meeting will happen at this post on Monday, December  8th at 1pm ET / 10am PT. Board Packet Materials: December 2014 Board of Directors Meeting Agenda Key Theme:  Evaluation that is aligned with Creating the Future’s aim for a world where bringing out the best in one another results in people living … Read more

Dealing with our Dreams for Creating the Future

Creating the Future’s board meeting will happen at this post on Monday, November 10th at 1pm ET / 10am PT. Board Packet Materials: November 2014 Creating the Future Board Agenda At its November 10th, 2014 meeting the Creating the Future board will be tackling two hefty subjects: beginning our planning to accomplish our mission and continuing … Read more

What Financial Conversations Could Be…It’s About More Than Money

At our most recent board meeting for Creating the Future, we took time to deeply explore the role financial management, reporting, and leadership should play in the organization. As a demonstration project exploring what could be possible for all boards, we spend a fair amount of time engaged in a process talking about process. I personally … Read more

Expectations of Board Members

During its December meeting (for context, see this post summarizing our November meeting, and this post announcing our upcoming January meeting), Creating the Future’s board addressed this question: What will it take for the board – and individual board members – to hold themselves accountable for accomplishing the organization’s mission? The result of that question … Read more

Bylaws: Operations Manual for the Board

Updating the Bylaws – three words that send shivers to the soul.  Leaders of entities that legally require bylaws quickly relegate the task to a committee (with a mix of appreciation and condolences) or to the organization’s attorney. During its November meeting, Creating the Future’s board (along with participating guests Regina Birdsell, Heather Tunis and … Read more