Making Social Change More Effective: It’s Not ONE Thing, It’s EVERYTHING (A New Program)

$471 billion dollars1 1.3 million organizations1 12 million employees1 This is the nonprofit sector in the United States at a glance. So much money. So many organizations. So many people. And so much frustration. All of us sensing that more change is possible, often feeling like we are taking 2 steps forward and 1.5 steps … Read more

Partnerships Rooted in Shared Values

What does it take for true collaboration and partnership to succeed? What conditions would lead to that success? One thing is for certain: Those conditions will not be about the stuff (the product, the program, the money, the paperwork). They will be about the people. Because when things fall apart, it’s not about the stuff; … Read more

Building a Nurturing Network

What would be possible if everyone had an online space where they could feel safe and nurtured, all while being intellectually nourished with smart conversations about their work? What if that space is the home for others who work in the same field, and each person acknowledges that everyone has something to offer? At Creating … Read more

Creating the Future's Mission is YOUR Mission: The Invitation

This post is part of an ongoing series inviting social change funders and investors to recreate how social change is resourced, to align the values of their means with their intended ends.  To read about this effort from its inception, head to this post at our Philanthropy blog.  For all posts related to rethinking philanthropy … Read more

Outcomes that Outlast the Event: PANO / Creating the Future Conference

If the PANO/Creating the Future conference is a beginning vs. an end unto itself, what is it the beginning OF?  And what needs to be in place to ensure that whatever comes next continues to aim at the desired outcomes – building trust relationships, building upon the strengths of people in their communities, and building … Read more

What Happens AFTER the Conference?

If you've been following the development of Creating the Future's first-ever conference (in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations – PANO), you know that this event is a demonstration project. The goal of this demonstration / experiment is to explore how an educational conference can help to accomplish long term goals beyond the … Read more

Planning Together: Capacity Building Conference (Meeting Feb 27)

Many questions have arisen about the demonstration project Creating the Future has embarked upon with the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO). In preparation for our next meeting (Thursday February 27th from 1pm-3pm ET – watch it below), we thought we would catch folks up on what we have been doing, and what we’re learning … Read more