Engaging Unlikely Allies for Your Cause: How-to (Part 2)

What is possible when you move beyond talking to the same people over and over, and begin instead to Engage Unlikely Allies in your work? In Part One of this post, we talked about the huge potential that is waiting to be tapped when you engage those unlikely allies. If you have not read that … Read more

Engaging Unlikely Allies for Your Cause: The Potential (Part 1)

Question: What do climate change and autoimmune disease have in common? Answer: A lot. Bigger Question: Given that environmental factors affect all sorts of diseases, what could be accomplished if those two groups worked together? Bigger Answer: A lot! Over the past twelve months, I’ve had great opportunities to consider what engaging unlikely allies makes … Read more

Engagement 101: Get Out of the Office! (Road Tour Post #1)

I’ve started this post 100 times in my mind. Every time, a new story rises to the top… “Today 75 business students from around the world gathered to learn how to use cause-and-effect to create powerful results… “Today a young change-maker identified steps to create the world she wants to see… “Today a group of … Read more

Symbiotic Volunteerism: Building Community Strength Upon Individual Strength

By Joyce Lee-Ibarra Who do you consider the most vulnerable members of society? For many of us, the young and the elderly spring to mind. In the context of volunteerism, youth and seniors are often thought of as the recipients, rather than the providers, of volunteer services. At-risk children, for instance, fill a common narrative … Read more

Gratitude and Generosity: An Online Conversation

With the holiday season in full swing and the end of 2014 soon approaching, gratitude and generosity fills the air. People are making time to help others, and reflect on how others have helped them the past year. What if instead of focusing on the values of gratitude and generosity once a year, individuals focused … Read more

Building Thriving Online Communities: Functions & Roles to Support Success

What roles, structures and functions are the backbone of support for online communities that are thriving – where people feel safe to explore and learn together, and to just be themselves with one another? In our first meeting on this topic, we described what “thriving” would look like in online communities. And in our second … Read more

Creating Thriving Online Communities – Summary: Meeting #2

A common theme in so many conversations these days is the power of people with a common purpose, regularly gathering to learn from and support each other. Most of us have seen both sides of this coin – groups that flourish and thrive and nurture and grow, and groups that languish and eventually die. What, … Read more