What’s Next for Our Mission: Sharing the Implementation of our Plan

Creating the Future is at a crossroads. And we are so excited about stepping into what’s next! That’s because implementing our next steps will not be done by us – it will be done by, well, everyone! Moving beyond the organization-centric model that tells each organization to excel on its own, we will be doing … Read more

Our 10-Year Clock: March 2023 Integrity Body (Board) Discussion

Creating the Future’s Integrity Body (Board) Meeting: Monday, March 13, 2023 10am-12pm Pacific time / 1pm-3pm Eastern time / 5pm-7pm UK time Topic: The Meaning of Our 10-Year Clock Watch the meeting LIVE at this post. Just scroll to the very bottom of the page. Details about how to participate are below. What does our … Read more

Experimenting: Doing LESS so that we can do more

In 2022, we asked our community to determine what’s next for our mission. Your answers fell into three categories: A place to learn about Catalytic Thinking Spaces to connect with other Catalytic Thinking practitioners Inspiration to experiment in your own work, to live in a space of inquiry. When we shared an update with our … Read more

Our Board Recruitment Process

For the past few months, this body has been applying Catalytic Thinking to the topic of board recruitment. This post is a summary of the work we did to design our recruitment process, and a reveal of the final outcome. To see the questions Catalytic Thinking led us to ask, click here. In our February … Read more

Catalytic Thinking in Action: A Case Study from our Facebook Group

Creating the Future hosts several online communities, currently housed at Facebook. Our “big tent” group is for folks who want more exposure to and practice with Catalytic Thinking. It is appropriately called the Catalytic Thinking in Action group. As that group has grown, there has been a growing need for facilitation to make the experience … Read more

What We’ve Learned from 10 Years of Working Online

As a global organization, “working online” is in Creating the Future’s DNA. Our board, community, and action teams meet online. All our education programs, including our immersion courses, happen online. For 10 years now, online is our home. We’ve therefore asked our faculty for their key learnings, as you move your own in-person meetings online. … Read more