Board / Community Meeting: October 2020

Creating the Future’s Board / Community Meeting: Monday, October 12th, from 10am – 12pm Pacific time Topics: 1) Walking the Talk of Racial Equity 2) The board’s role in ensuring the organization’s integrity Watch the meeting LIVE at this post. Just scroll to the very bottom of the page. Details about how to participate are … Read more

Celebrating and Moving Ahead: Board / Community Meeting July 2020

Creating the Future’s Board / Community Meeting: Monday, July 13th from 10am – 12pm Pacific time Topics: 1) Bylaws Guiding Documents for Accomplishing our Mission 2) Ensuring Racial Equity as an “Integrity Board” Logistics: The meeting will happen right here at this post. Details are below. Watch the meeting HERE on Monday. Just scroll to … Read more

The Five Missing Qualities Every Board Member MUST Have

By Susan Detwiler  We all know that getting the right board members around the table is crucial. That’s probably why there are thousands of articles and blog posts that talk about recruiting new board members. Some focus on the “attribute grid” or “board matrix,” or “skills grid.”  That’s the grid that helps you identify the skills and attributes you want on your … Read more

What Financial Conversations Could Be…It’s About More Than Money

At our most recent board meeting for Creating the Future, we took time to deeply explore the role financial management, reporting, and leadership should play in the organization. As a demonstration project exploring what could be possible for all boards, we spend a fair amount of time engaged in a process talking about process. I personally … Read more

Expectations of Board Members

During its December meeting (for context, see this post summarizing our November meeting, and this post announcing our upcoming January meeting), Creating the Future’s board addressed this question: What will it take for the board – and individual board members – to hold themselves accountable for accomplishing the organization’s mission? The result of that question … Read more