Recruiting Board Members for our Integrity Board: Part 1

Creating the Future is preparing to recruit new board members! This is an exciting step for us, as we have invested so much time in defining the board’s role in supporting the organization’s mission. Having the bulk of that work behind us, and having spent several months finding our way in this new way of … Read more

What Financial Conversations Could Be…It’s About More Than Money

At our most recent board meeting for Creating the Future, we took time to deeply explore the role financial management, reporting, and leadership should play in the organization. As a demonstration project exploring what could be possible for all boards, we spend a fair amount of time engaged in a process talking about process. I personally … Read more

Bylaws: Operations Manual for the Board

 Updating the Bylaws – three words that send shivers to the soul.  Leaders of entities that legally require bylaws quickly relegate the task to a committee (with a mix of appreciation and condolences) or to the organization’s attorney. During its November meeting, Creating the Future’s board (along with participating guests Regina Birdsell, Heather Tunis and … Read more