Building Leadership with Thought-Provoking Questions

Leadership – there are likely few topics in the world about which more has been written. With so many resources and sometimes contradictory theories to consider (think “Servant Leadership” and “Machiavellian”), finding a personal leadership style that feels authentically “you” can sometimes seem like an unending quest. Establishing the leadership culture in an organization can … Read more

Business Model or Mission Model?

In plain English, the word “mission” doesn’t mean “something we do forever.” A mission is either accomplished or impossible. We either get the job done, or we go home. Which means the most powerful question any change effort can ask is, “If we intend to accomplish our mission and actually change conditions in our communities, … Read more

Great Organizational Answers Come from Community Questions

Is your organization suffering from “if we just had….” syndrome? If we just had rich board members… If we just had another fundraiser…. If we just did a conference… As a board member, former Executive Director, and sometimes consultant/facilitator, I have experienced this syndrome firsthand. My bookshelves are heavy with the latest and greatest advice … Read more