This area is filled with how-to articles, engaging conversations, and tons of examples of Catalytic Thinking in Action including actual planning sessions. Much to explore and learn from!

What is Creating the Future’s message?

For the past several months, Creating the Future community members have been working to craft a communications strategy, to help our mission ripple out farther and wider. (You can see those rich conversations all linked at this post.) As we are now ready to put that strategy into action, the first step is to hone … Read more

Celebrating and Moving Ahead: Board / Community Meeting July 2020

Creating the Future’s Board / Community Meeting: Monday, July 13th from 10am – 12pm Pacific time Topics: 1) Bylaws Guiding Documents for Accomplishing our Mission 2) Ensuring Racial Equity as an “Integrity Board” Logistics: The meeting will happen right here at this post. Details are below. Watch the meeting HERE on Monday. Just scroll to … Read more

Supporting Changemakers during COVID

Community change agents face unique challenges during this time of uncertainty. In addition to the personal issues we are all dealing with, changemakers are also called to address the vast need in communities, wherever you live. What does it take to walk that line with as much grace and effectiveness as possible, when there are … Read more

Board / Community “Socially Distanced” Meeting April 2020

Creating the Future’s “Socially Distanced” Board / Community Meeting: Monday, April 27, 2020 10am – 12pm Pacific time Topic: How Are You Doing? And What’s Next? Logistics: The meeting will happen right here at this post. Details are below. Logistics: The meeting will happen right here at this post. Details are below. Watch the meeting … Read more

What We’ve Learned from 10 Years of Working Online

As a global organization, “working online” is in Creating the Future’s DNA. Our board, community, and action teams meet online. All our education programs, including our immersion courses, happen online. For 10 years now, online is our home. We’ve therefore asked our faculty for their key learnings, as you move your own in-person meetings online. … Read more

8 Ways to Calm Your Survival Brain (Why You Aren’t Thinking Clearly: Part 2)

This is Part 2 of the article, Why You Aren’t Thinking Clearly: The Brain Science of Fear in Uncertain Times. We strongly encourage you to read Part 1 before diving in here, to understand how our brains are doing exactly what they were designed to do.  Calming Your Survival Brain If you’ve tried reasoning with … Read more

Our Goals for 2020 and Beyond

Creating the Future is at an exciting jumping off point, to scale the impact of our mission as broadly as possible. And we want YOU to be part of that! Creating the Future’s mission is to help you change the systems* you encounter every day, through the questions you ask. So many of the systems … Read more

Bylaws that Matter: Our February 2020 Board / Community Meeting

Creating the Future’s Board / Community Meeting: Monday, February 10, 2020 10am – 12pm Pacific time Topic: Writing BYLAWS that actually matter! or LISTEN TO THE MEETING HERE Your Browser does not support the new HTML5 Audio-Tag, sorry! or Download the MP3 (To download to your hard drive, right-click {or click and hold on a Mac} … Read more