This area is filled with how-to articles, engaging conversations, and tons of examples of Catalytic Thinking in Action including actual planning sessions. Much to explore and learn from!

Practice Catalytic Thinking by Volunteering!

If you have wanted to experience Catalytic Thinking in real time, this is the opportunity for you – volunteering as a documentarian for meetings at Creating the Future!  The job itself is simple, because Catalytic Thinking guides all our conversations. • Attend one or more of our meetings each month (each meeting is 2 hours … Read more

Recruiting Board Members for our Integrity Board: Part 1

Creating the Future is preparing to recruit new board members! This is an exciting step for us, as we have invested so much time in defining the board’s role in supporting the organization’s mission. Having the bulk of that work behind us, and having spent several months finding our way in this new way of … Read more

Board / Community Conversation: March 2021 BOARD RECRUITMENT

Creating the Future’s Board / Community Meeting: Monday, March 8th, from 10am – 12pm Pacific time Topic: Using Catalytic Thinking to design our Board Recruitment process Watch the meeting LIVE at this post. Just scroll to the very bottom of the page. Details about how to participate are below. Recruiting New Members to our Integrity … Read more

What’s Next for our eJournal?

Last week, a group of readers of our eJournal got together to explore what is possible for that communication piece. Using Catalytic Thinking as a guide, the group explored what that journal could make possible for readers, what opportunities it could create for them. From there, we talked about the conditions that would lead to … Read more

NOT Creating the Future’s Statement Decrying the Violent U.S. Insurgency

Dear friends, This is not a statement condemning the violence the U.S. is experiencing at the hands of racist, home-grown terrorists. It’s not that we don’t condemn those actions. It’s just that we don’t see the point of making such a statement. Do you really need us to differentiate ourselves from folks who approve of … Read more

Board / Community Conversation: February 2021

Creating the Future’s Board / Community Meeting: Monday, February 8th, from 10am – 12pm Pacific time NOTE: Per the agreements in our bylaws, the board will go into closed session to address a personnel matter prior to the regular meeting. The regular meeting will begin late, after the closed session is over. Topic: What does … Read more

Creating a New Future for Our eJournal

To participate in the January 27th live-streamed meeting about this topic, head to the bottom of this post for details. Since we began sending our eJournal years ago, the focus of that communication has been YOU. Exercises you can try, to apply Catalytic Thinking to your own life. Resources and communities to strengthen your Catalytic … Read more

Board / Community Meeting: January 2021

Please note: Meeting CANCELLED Due to extraordinary circumstances, among them this week’s violent coup attempt in the United States, we are postponing this month’s meeting. We will meet on this same topic on February 8th for our regularly scheduled meeting. Creating the Future’s Board / Community Meeting: Monday, January 11th, from 10am – 12pm Pacific … Read more