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Collective Enoughness is about sharing
who you are and what you have.

If Creating the Future's work resonates with you,
join us!

Share who you are

  • What talents, skills, and experience do you want to share, to help accomplish our mission?
  • What do you love doing, that you wish someone would ask you to volunteer to do?
  • What do others say you are good at, that you would love to share to help move this mission forward?

Let us know via the form at this link, and let's talk about what we can accomplish together! 

Share what you have

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The Story of Stone Soup

In the old fable of Stone Soup, a traveler arrives in a poor village. Asking for food, he is denied at every turn with the same words: "We barely have enough for ourselves."

The traveler then asks a child to fetch the largest stone she can find. Placing that stone in a kettle, he announces that he is going to make a rich pot of Stone Soup. Their curiosity aroused, the villagers gather to see how anyone could make soup from a stone.

“The soup will be ready soon, but it would be much better if it had some onion for flavoring. Does anyone have an onion?” Several of the villagers oblige.

The traveler tastes the soup and announces, “It is quite good, but would be perfect with some carrots. Can anyone spare a carrot for this Stone Soup?” Again, the villagers add their carrots to the pot.

The same exercise is completed with tomatoes and potatoes, with leeks and spinach, with garlic and squash and beans. In the end, the villagers feast upon the rich soup they have created, simply by sharing the abundance of resources that were there all along.

That is the power of Collective Enoughness.

Because together, we have everything we need.