Board / Community Meeting August 2020: Racial Equity Work

Creating the Future’s Board / Community Meeting: Monday, August 10th from 10am – 12pm Pacific time Topic: Walking the Talk of Racial Equity  Logistics: The meeting will happen right here at this post. Details are below. Watch the meeting LIVE at this post. Just scroll to the very bottom of this post. Note: if the … Read more

Celebrating and Moving Ahead: Board / Community Meeting July 2020

Creating the Future’s Board / Community Meeting: Monday, July 13th from 10am – 12pm Pacific time Topics: 1) Bylaws Guiding Documents for Accomplishing our Mission 2) Ensuring Racial Equity as an “Integrity Board” Logistics: The meeting will happen right here at this post. Details are below. Watch the meeting HERE on Monday. Just scroll to … Read more

Building a New Board Structure: January 2020 Board / Community Meeting

Creating the Future’s Board / Community Meeting: Monday, January 13, 2020 10am – 12pm Pacific time Topic: Clarifying our board’s new role and determining next steps in building that! Watch the meeting HERE or,  LISTEN TO THE MEETING HERE or Download the MP3 (To download to your hard drive, right-click {or click and hold … Read more

Boards & Governance: Building an “Integrity Board”

If there were no such thing as organizations as we currently know them, what would we build to accomplish social missions and propel social change forward? For the past four years, this question has been at the heart of our board’s discussions.* Because Creating the Future is a grounds for experimenting with systems change, this … Read more

Democratizing Boards – a Conversation

In the world of social change, the word “accountability” is bandied about regularly. Unfortunately, beyond the mandate for compliance with legal entities and the regularly-noted-yet-little-understood notion of “accountability to the community we serve,” there is little discussion of what accountability really means. Accountable to whom? For what? And what does that accountability look like in … Read more

Compliance-Focused Board

For the past few years, Creating the Future’s board and community have been discussing and researching an organizational structure for moving our mission forward. What structure will facilitate our 10 year experiment – to determine how much more humane the world could be if systems were bringing out the best in all of us? If … Read more

No More Bylaws!

What do bylaws make possible for accomplishing an organization’s mission? Aside from meeting various external regulatory standards, what good do bylaws really do for an organization and the mission they have set out to accomplish? These were just some of the questions our board and community members explored at our July 2016 board meeting, as … Read more

Legal Compliance Made Interesting (July 2016 Board Meeting)

The July 2016 Creating the Future board meeting will focus on legal compliance. • While Creating the Future is in transition from one organizational structure to the next, are we remaining in compliance with the law? With our own bylaws? • If not, what will we do about that? Warning: If you’re thinking this is a … Read more

Building a Thriving Organizational Ecosystem

Creating the Future is reinventing itself, to ensure our organizational structure is not only supporting our efforts to accomplish our mission, but is modeling our vision and values in every way. The following summarizes our efforts through the end of 2015, as we head into our January 2016 meeting on the subject. For a complete … Read more