Impact-Focused Governance: Catalytic Thinking and Your Board

We recently asked a group of consultants to name the biggest problems they encounter with nonprofit boards. We then added their list to the results from asking Google the same question. The most remarkable thing about that long list is that it isn’t remarkable. Board members who are disengaged, who micromanage, who don’t understand their … Read more

Want your Strategic Plan to create what is possible? DON’T start with data.

It’s strategic planning time – the time to dream big, to reach for what is possible! Except we all know that’s not really what happens. At the end of the session, our biggest goal – if we’re lucky – might be to create a new program aimed at a small fraction of the problems our … Read more

What you told us and what we’ll be doing with that

In 2022, Creating the Future asked our community to determine what’s next for the work of our mission.  Our mission: Our mission is to apply Catalytic Thinking in a variety of settings, and to share what we learn from those experiments, to ensure that everyone, everywhere, can transform the systems they encounter into more humane, … Read more

Making Time for Generative Conversation at Your Board Table

If you’ve watched Creating the Future’s strategy and board meetings, you know that virtually every minute is spent in  meaningful, generative conversation. Those discussions are what allow us to move forward in huge leaps, rather than tiny increments. What could be more important than thinking aloud together about the big questions your organization faces… Who … Read more

Making Social Change More Effective: It’s Not ONE Thing, It’s EVERYTHING (A New Program)

$471 billion dollars1 1.3 million organizations1 12 million employees1 This is the nonprofit sector in the United States at a glance. So much money. So many organizations. So many people. And so much frustration. All of us sensing that more change is possible, often feeling like we are taking 2 steps forward and 1.5 steps … Read more

Walking the Talk of Inclusion and Possibility in Communications Strategy

This week, Creating the Future will begin developing a communications strategy, to move our work to the next level. (You can watch or participate in that session here.) Because we will use Catalytic Thinking to develop that strategy, you may notice that some of the questions we ask feel different from questions posed in traditional … Read more

Frustrated at the Pace of Social Change? So Are We!

Note: This post is part of an ongoing project, and as such, is frequently updated. Most recent update: September 27, 2022. In addition, see this January 2022 article in Nonprofit Quarterly, for a summary of our most recent findings. Do you ever feel like Sisyphus in your work to create a more humane world – … Read more