Having Fun Building Organizational Infrastructure (Really!)

It’s official: Creating the Future is building its infrastructure and becoming a real live organization! Not that our efforts haven’t been “real” so far. It’s just that we have always felt like we’ve lived in two worlds. On the one side, we have always believed in our hearts that the Community Benefit Sector holds the … Read more

Recruiting OUR Board!

It’s time for us to do one of the most exciting things I can think of – recruit the founding board for Creating the Future! Yes, exciting. It’s exciting because a board means this organization is real (not that we don’t already have programs that are extremely real, and all the other stuff that says, … Read more

Building a Program by Engaging Community

On August 1, I embarked on a month of “semi-sabbatical,” writing and exploring and planning and reading.  I say “semi-sabbatical” because I only decided mid-July that the time was right.  So there are still some tasks to be done, some projects with timelines that won’t allow me to simply abandon ship.  This post is about … Read more

Guest Post: CharityChannel's Steve Nill on the CDI Demonstration Project

The following is a post that CharityChannel CEO Steve Nill posted to CharityChannel’s Consultants forum this morning, as he considered the work we are proposing with the CDI Demonstration Project. Because CharityChannel is only available by paid subscription, Steve had copied his post into the comments here. After re-reading Steve’s thought-filled post several times, I … Read more