Experimenting: Doing LESS so that we can do more

In 2022, we asked our community to determine what’s next for our mission. Your answers fell into three categories: A place to learn about Catalytic Thinking Spaces to connect with other Catalytic Thinking practitioners Inspiration to experiment in your own work, to live in a space of inquiry. When we shared an update with our … Read more

Resourcing Social Change – Summary of our August 2021 Conversation

At our August 2021 Integrity Meeting, we began one of the most important conversations we can have. This exploration will affect Creating the Future’s approach to resourcing our work. Our hope, though, is that these conversations will contribute to a reimagining of how social change work is resourced across the whole ecosystem of change efforts. … Read more

Viewing Our Programs thru an Integrity Lens

Over the past year, Creating the Future’s board and community have worked to determine what it would mean in practice to ensure the organization is walking the talk of our values. What will that look like when we are applying our values to the real situations the organization faces? At our June 2021 meeting, we … Read more

NOT Creating the Future’s Statement Decrying the Violent U.S. Insurgency

Dear friends, This is not a statement condemning the violence the U.S. is experiencing at the hands of racist, home-grown terrorists. It’s not that we don’t condemn those actions. It’s just that we don’t see the point of making such a statement. Do you really need us to differentiate ourselves from folks who approve of … Read more

Values: Centering Social Justice and Racial Equity

About a year ago, our board determined its most important role would be to ensure the actions of the organization are walking the talk of our values… an Integrity Board. To that end, we first encoded that role into our bylaws, creating plain English bylaws that describe how decisions are made, by whom, and according … Read more

Frustrated at the Pace of Social Change? So Are We!

Note: This post is part of an ongoing project, and as such, is frequently updated. Most recent update: September 27, 2022. In addition, see this January 2022 article in Nonprofit Quarterly, for a summary of our most recent findings. Do you ever feel like Sisyphus in your work to create a more humane world – … Read more

Our Funding Approach to Build Out Our Mission

Ever since our founding, everything about Creating the Future has been an experiment to discover and share systems (i.e. “the way we do things”) that bring out the best in everyone. With that mandate, one of the systems that has repeatedly cried out for change has been the variety of systems for funding social change. … Read more

Statement of Our Values in Action: DRAFT (Part 2)

The following is Part 2 of a two-part post, the draft Statement of Our Values in Action. For background to provide context for this statement, please click to Part 1 here.  On June 12th, from 1pm-3pm ET (US), Creating the Future community members will discuss an updated Statement of Our Values in Action. Based on … Read more

Statement of Our Values in Action: DRAFT (Part 1: Background)

Statement of Our Values in Action (DRAFT) On June 12th, from 1pm-3pm ET (US), Creating the Future community members will discuss an updated Statement of Our Values in Action. Based on those discussions, our board will then vote to adopt the statement. This post and the post that follows at this link are the draft of … Read more