Let’s Craft this Proposal Together!

For the very first time in their history, BoardSource is opening their 2013 conference to speakers outside their own realm. Which means that pretty much everyone remotely related to boards and governance is spending this week writing a proposal to present at the BoardSource conference – including us! Several of Creating the Future’s governance geeks … Read more

Openly Inviting Participation

“Enjoy serendipity, discovery, emergent social learning, into a never ending journey towards understanding complexity. Make the emergent learning and spiralling of discoveries a social purpose, a learning to learn process, a metacognition…” * Being part of Creating the Future is always an adventure. As a living laboratory, our work is about pushing boundaries and exploring … Read more

Giving Boards What They Need to Lead

What does a board need in order to lead? No, I’m not talking about what boards are supposed to DO. Leading is not about “doing” but about “being” and “thinking.” What do board members need in order to BE leaders? This is not just an academic question for us, as we are right now in … Read more

Conflict of Interest & Transparency

The post on Conflict of Interest earlier this week has led to some of the most interesting discussion about organizational leadership issues I’ve seen in a while. To all who participated, thank you! (And to all who missed it, read through the comments here.) Of the many issues that arose in that discussion, some have … Read more