March 2016 Board / Community Meeting: Restructuring this Org

Creating the Future’s “Restructuring” Meeting will take place right here on Monday, March 14 from 1pm-3pm ET (US). Scroll to the bottom of this post for details on how to watch and participate. The agenda for the meeting is at this link here. As part of that agenda, you’ll find a summary snapshot of where … Read more

Words that Unintentionally Bring Out Our Worst

As we’re crafting the second course in our new curriculum – Catalytic Listening – we have been talking about creating “cheat sheets” as reminders. One of those sheets will include a list of words and phrases that inadvertently not only fail to bring out the best in ourselves and others, they actually bring out the … Read more

Change the Questions, Change the World! (Video)

How can the questions we ask in our day-to-day work significantly enhance the quality of life in our communities? Earlier this year, Hildy spoke at Portland’s prestigious City Club, sharing some of the results of our research into what really creates change in communities. And it won’t be a surprise to learn that it’s all … Read more

Catalytic Thinking: A Framework for Creating and Scaling Powerful Results

NOTE: This post is Part 2 of Creating the Future’s “Theory of Everything.” You will find Part 1 – the theory – at this post here. Catalytic Thinking is a set of practices that make explicit the simple factors that create positive results, so those results can be consistently replicated and scaled. The Back-Story In 1998, … Read more