Supporting Changemakers during COVID

Community change agents face unique challenges during this time of uncertainty. In addition to the personal issues we are all dealing with, changemakers are also called to address the vast need in communities, wherever you live. What does it take to walk that line with as much grace and effectiveness as possible, when there are … Read more

Symbiotic Volunteerism: Building Community Strength Upon Individual Strength

By Joyce Lee-Ibarra Who do you consider the most vulnerable members of society? For many of us, the young and the elderly spring to mind. In the context of volunteerism, youth and seniors are often thought of as the recipients, rather than the providers, of volunteer services. At-risk children, for instance, fill a common narrative … Read more

Making Your Community More Resilient

This has been a year filled with community disaster. Given life on planet earth, one could say that almost any year. Earthquakes and hurricanes, shootings and riots and  bombings – whether man-made or natural, from the time of the dinosaurs to today, life’s biggest occurrences are often outside our control. Perhaps the greatest lesson from … Read more