Catalytic Thinking & Hiring Part 3: May 2024 Integrity Conversation

Creating the Future’s Integrity Body (Board) Meeting: Monday, May 13, 2024 10am-12pm Pacific time / 1pm-3pm Eastern time / 6pm-8pm UK time Topic: Designing Equitable Hiring Practices via Catalytic Thinking Watch the meeting LIVE at this post. Just scroll to the very bottom of the page. Details about how to participate are below. Equitable Hiring … Read more

Impact-Focused Governance: Catalytic Thinking and Your Board

We recently asked a group of consultants to name the biggest problems they encounter with nonprofit boards. We then added their list to the results from asking Google the same question. The most remarkable thing about that long list is that it isn’t remarkable. Board members who are disengaged, who micromanage, who don’t understand their … Read more

Review of Engagement Efforts to Date (Summary of Nov 14 meeting)

At our November 14th Integrity Team meeting, we began reflecting on the responses we’ve received so far from our engagement efforts. If you want to watch that meeting in full, you can do so here. We are deeply grateful to Jackie Bradley for documenting the questions and responses during this conversation. Some background before diving … Read more

What is Catalytic Thinking? (videos)

If you’ve been curious about Catalytic Thinking, we hope you’ve had a chance to visit the overview and resources at this page. From there, the following videos show a bit more about what the framework looks like in practice. This first video is actually a class, describing the science, the theory, and the practice of … Read more