What you told us and what we’ll be doing with that

In 2022, Creating the Future asked our community to determine what’s next for the work of our mission.  Our mission: Our mission is to apply Catalytic Thinking in a variety of settings, and to share what we learn from those experiments, to ensure that everyone, everywhere, can transform the systems they encounter into more humane, … Read more

2015 Board Agenda Topics

At our February meeting, the Board created a list of meeting topics we need to focus on this year. They are interconnected so we’re finding that in several instances coming to some conclusion about one topic depends on discussing another. Thankfully, Gayle has been brilliant at helping us stay focused, following the Creating the Future … Read more

Ask Me Anything… about Creating the Future

April 9, 2015 Please note: Due to illness, today’s Ask Me Anything is being rescheduled. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will announce the new date / time soon! Creating the Future is in growth mode, and these days, that growth curve is vertical. We are ramping up, adding programs right and left, adding staff, gaining partners … Read more

Bylaws: Operations Manual for the Board

Updating the Bylaws – three words that send shivers to the soul.  Leaders of entities that legally require bylaws quickly relegate the task to a committee (with a mix of appreciation and condolences) or to the organization’s attorney. During its November meeting, Creating the Future’s board (along with participating guests Regina Birdsell, Heather Tunis and … Read more

May 2013 Board Meeting

Our May board meeting will be Monday, May 13 at 1pm ET(NA). To join in the conversation, watch for the video stream to appear at the end of this post. (There will be no video there until the meeting begins – and if it’s 1pm sharp and there’s no video, please wait for it – … Read more

Progress Report: May 2013

If you’ve been following our work so far this year, you know that the sheer volume of what we’ve accomplished is breathtaking. Planning in several key areas, including volunteering/participation/engagement, resource development, program development and branding/messaging. And that was just in the first quarter! Perhaps feeling the breath of that first quarter on its neck, the … Read more

Board Meeting Agenda?

There is so much going on this month at Creating the Future that it is hard to choose which of several important issues the board should discuss in its limited time together at next week’s meeting. Unlike most boards, though, it is not just our board that will be participating in this meeting. You will … Read more