Board / Community Meeting Notice: January 14, 2019

Click to Watch the Meeting  LISTEN TO THE MEETING HERE or Download the MP3 (To download to your hard drive, right-click {or click and hold on a Mac} on the link above and select “Save Target As”.. or “Save Link as”… depending on your browser)   This meeting was held on: Monday, January … Read more

Planning Our Community Engagement Tour: Post #2

This post is the 2nd in a series describing Creating the Future’s first “Road Tour,” a two-month community engagement effort that saw our founders connecting with people in communities across California and Nevada in late 2018. You can read these posts from the beginning here. The Idea Before we get into how we planned for this … Read more

Engagement 101: Get Out of the Office! (Road Tour Post #1)

I’ve started this post 100 times in my mind. Every time, a new story rises to the top… “Today 75 business students from around the world gathered to learn how to use cause-and-effect to create powerful results… “Today a young change-maker identified steps to create the world she wants to see… “Today a group of … Read more

Board Meeting Notice: October 16, 2018

Save the date! Creating the Future’s board will meet on Tuesday, October 16th from 10am – 12noon Pacific time Our agenda (click to view agenda) will include the following: • Status of projects (click to view status update) • Status of the restructuring (click to read white paper on our restructuring) • Our IRS filing (form … Read more

Sharing Stories of What Works

In 2018, Creating the Future began working on a program that has been in our minds for several years – documenting and sharing stories of what works to create systems change. What do we mean by systems change? We all encounter systems every day – the habits, rituals, customs and rules that make up “just … Read more

Turning Conditions Into Actions: Summary of “Sleuthing Process Design” Meeting #4

During our March 13 meeting we pivoted from the outcomes we identified in Meeting #3 (read the meeting summary here) to identify the favorable human-focused conditions we can create so that those outcomes will naturally emerge. It is harnessing the power and reality of causality. We determine these conditions by asking: What would each person … Read more

Reaching For What is Possible: Summary of “Sleuthing Process Design” Meeting #3

During our February 28 meeting (listen/watch the recording here) we began by reaching for what is possible. Guided by the Catalytic Thinking Framework, we pivoted from all that we heard through the lens of Catalytic Listening about the outcomes, strengths and values we identified in our February 14 conversation (listen/watch the recording here) about both … Read more

Compliance-Focused Board

For the past few years, Creating the Future’s board and community have been discussing and researching an organizational structure for moving our mission forward. What structure will facilitate our 10 year experiment – to determine how much more humane the world could be if systems were bringing out the best in all of us? If … Read more