Our Values in Action: Board / Community Meeting June 2017

What do our values look like in action? That will be the topic of our community’s conversation (and board meeting) on Monday, June 12th from 1pm-3pm Eastern time (US). This is perhaps the most important topic any community can discuss. How can we walk the talk of our values, aligned in integrity with our deepest … Read more

Partnerships Rooted in Shared Values

What does it take for true collaboration and partnership to succeed? What conditions would lead to that success? One thing is for certain: Those conditions will not be about the stuff (the product, the program, the money, the paperwork). They will be about the people. Because when things fall apart, it’s not about the stuff; … Read more

Board / Community Meeting Dec 15th 2016

Please join us for this month’s board / community meeting! To watch and participate… Watch the meeting live right here at this post. If the video does not appear precisely on the hour, please be patient – we are probably just running a few minutes late. To share your ideas, questions, and observations, head to Twitter … Read more

Indicators of Mission Success: September 2016 Board/Community Meeting

Creating the Future’s “Indicators of Mission Success” Board / Community Meeting was held right here on Monday, September 12,  from 1pm-3pm ET (US).  Scroll to the bottom of this post to watch and add to the discussion. At our September meeting, we discussed indicators of success. • If Creating the Future’s 10 year plan is successful … Read more

No More Bylaws!

What do bylaws make possible for accomplishing an organization’s mission? Aside from meeting various external regulatory standards, what good do bylaws really do for an organization and the mission they have set out to accomplish? These were just some of the questions our board and community members explored at our July board meeting, as we … Read more

Legal Compliance Made Interesting (July 2016 Board Meeting)

The July 2016 Creating the Future board meeting will focus on legal compliance. • While Creating the Future is in transition from one organizational structure to the next, are we remaining in compliance with the law? With our own bylaws? • If not, what will we do about that? Warning: If you’re thinking this is a … Read more

Creating the Future's Values in ACTION (April 2016 Board Meeting)

Watch Today’s Board Meeting Here (Please note that due to a technical issue the meeting was recorded in two parts. Also, there is a small gap between the sessions.) Part 1 Part 2 Watch Today’s Board Meeting Here > LISTEN TO THE MEETING HERE or Download the MP3 (To download to your hard drive, right-click … Read more

March 2016 Board / Community Meeting: Restructuring this Org

Creating the Future’s “Restructuring” Meeting will take place right here on Monday, March 14 from 1pm-3pm ET (US). Scroll to the bottom of this post for details on how to watch and participate. The agenda for the meeting is at this link here. As part of that agenda, you’ll find a summary snapshot of where … Read more

Making the Commitment to Reorganize Creating the Future (January 2016 Meeting Summary)

On January 11th of 2016, Creating the Future’s board and community members took the leap; we made the commitment to restructure this organization, so that we are modeling what life could look like if our mission were accomplished. What would organizations be like if they were structured to bring out the best in everyone – employees, … Read more

Building a Thriving Organizational Ecosystem

Creating the Future is reinventing itself, to ensure our organizational structure is not only supporting our efforts to accomplish our mission, but is modeling our vision and values in every way. The following summarizes our efforts through the end of 2015, as we head into our January 2016 meeting on the subject. For a complete … Read more