What’s Next for our Mission: Discussion (Integrity / Board meeting November 2023)

Creating the Future's Integrity Body (Board) Meeting:
Monday, November 13, 2023
10am-12pm Pacific time / 1pm-3pm Eastern time / 6pm-8pm UK time

Next Steps for Our Mission

Watch the meeting LIVE at this post. Just scroll to the very bottom of the page.
Details about how to participate are below.

Next Steps for Our Mission
Last year we asked our community to determine what's next for our mission. And wow did you ever respond! (You can see those responses at this link.) 

With all that meaty stuff to chew on, at the beginning of this year, we decided to take slow time to think about what actions to take, to address what you told us. It took us several months of discussion, research, and exploration to come upon a plan for turning the direction you gave us into action.

At our June Integrity Body / board meeting, we discussed a movement-like approach, rooted in concepts of mutual aid - a democratic, decentralized approach to delivering service. Just as our community had determined the direction our work should take, this approach to implementing that direction will also be shared with our community - a true example of Collective Enoughness in action. You can see more about that at this post.

Over the past few months, our focus has been next steps. What will it take to put this distributed approach into action? And as we have shared our thinking with members of our community, we have been encouraged by their responses.

"Seems like you all went through your own Catalytic Thinking on this journey!"

"This approach seems very consistent with our values."

At our November meeting, we will discuss the progress we've made as we step into the implementation of this plan. And we'll discuss what it will take to move forward - including the critical discussion of funding. Given the nature of our Integrity Board, their focus will be this question: Does our funding plan align with our values, our vision, and with Catalytic Thinking?

We look forward to your being part of this conversation, as we continue to create the future of Creating the Future!

How to Prepare
First, let us know if you plan to attend by sending a note at this link

Second, if you are not familiar with Catalytic Thinking or the Integrity functions of our board, you will find information here: 

All our meetings and conversations at Creating the Future are rooted in Catalytic Thinking - including our Integrity Body / Board meetings. You'll find a breadth of information about Catalytic Thinking at this link.

To get a sense of the context of our Integrity Board, this post introduces our thinking about that.

Third, to come up to speed on this particular topic, please review the information at this link, as well as the links provided within that post.

3 Ways to participate
If you have never been part of Creating the Future's work, all our strategy and board meetings are open and participatory, for anyone who wants to be part of the discussion. You can see more about that at this link.

Where we meet:

The meeting will take place right here at this post. If the video does not appear precisely on time, please be patient – we are probably just running a few minutes late.

There are 3 ways you can participate in our meetings.

  • If you are already familiar with and committed to Creating the Future’s work, and you would like to be actively involved in the meeting discussion side-by-side at our online “meeting table,” let us know, and we will send you an invitation to join us online. Read more here about what it means to participate in that way. (Please note that these seats are limited, to ensure everyone's voice can be heard. If you are not able to be in the room with us, no worries - there are still two other ways to  share your insights with us!)
  • If you want to participate but are unable to be in the meeting itself (perhaps you’re at work, or maybe at home with kids running around, etc.), watch the live-stream in real time and tweet your questions and ideas to us via the hashtag #CreatingTheFuture. We read those tweets aloud during the meeting, just as if you were there. This is a great first step for those who are not as familiar with our work, but want to get more involved.

(Please note: We will only see your tweets if you use the #CreatingTheFuture hashtag. In addition, during the meeting, we will not look at blog comments here at this post. While we will check those comments later, during the meeting we will only be following the #CreatingTheFuture hashtag in the Twitter stream.)

  • Lastly, if you want to simply watch, or you want to think about what you’re hearing and respond later – or if you will be watching the recording after the meeting happens – please add your thoughts into the comments here at this post. We will include that thinking into the mix of things.

We look forward to your being part of the discussion!

* All Creating the Future's board meetings are open for anyone to participate, or to watch afterwards. To learn more about the thinking behind this openness - and our experiences with being open - click here.

Logistics: The meeting will happen right here at this post. Details are below.

Watch the meeting HERE on Monday
Note: if the meeting does not start on time please be patient as we may be running a few minutes late.

or, After the meeting - LISTEN TO THE MEETING HERE

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