Our Funding Approach to Build Out Our Mission

Ever since our founding, everything about Creating the Future has been an experiment to discover and share systems (i.e. “the way we do things”) that bring out the best in everyone. With that mandate, one of the systems that has repeatedly cried out for change has been the variety of systems for funding social change. … Read more

Funding Social Change Part 2: Why We're Doing This

This is Part 2 in a series inviting social change funders and investors to participate in a demonstration project, to recreate how social change is resourced, to align the values of means with their intended ends.  To read this series from the introduction to the project, head here. “Are you guys crazy?” That’s the question … Read more

Funding Social Change

What would social change funding look and feel like if it 100% reflected the world it aimed to create? That is the question at the heart of several demonstration projects for which Creating the Future is seeking courageous and curious partners. This post will be the first in a series, describing the projects, the intent, … Read more

Collaboration and Beyond

What does it take to build real collaborations, where trust and exploration and learning together lead to pooling resources to make great things happen? These 3 foundation leaders spent time with Creating the Future’s founder, Hildy Gottlieb, to share their thinking about the factors that lead to collaboration, and ultimately, to making a bigger difference … Read more

Reinventing Funding Partnerships: Conversation with Debra Jacobs & Sidney Hargro

Wednesday, June 19th at 11am Pacific time (North America), join us for the next episode in our series of conversations with experts and advocates for rethinking how social change is resourced and sustained – specifically as that relates to partnerships between funders/investors and the projects they support. To join in the conversation, watch for the … Read more

What Funders & Investors Really Think About Partnering

Something profound is keeping socially-minded investors and funders from the impact they sense is possible. In our upcoming Conversation series – starting next Wednesday (details below) – we are going to get past that “something profound,” once and for all. And we are going to start by talking about one of the most mis-used terms … Read more

What Do We Mean When We Say Partner?

When social change efforts use the word “partner” to describe their funders, saying things like, “We are seeking a partner to help fund this effort,” what does that say about us as organizations? And what does it say about our efforts to create a community that is whole and vibrant and healthy? Words contain so … Read more

Philanthropy's Highest Potential is to Disappear

Philanthropy may be defined ideally as “love of humanity,” but philanthropy as we know it is a perfect microcosm of our modern American capitalist economy: There is fierce competition for scarce resources (“This rejection of your proposal is not a reflection of the worthiness of your project.”). A person’s worth is determined by their wealth … Read more