Collaboration and Beyond

What does it take to build real collaborations, where trust and exploration and learning together lead to pooling resources to make great things happen?

These 3 foundation leaders spent time with Creating the Future’s founder, Hildy Gottlieb, to share their thinking about the factors that lead to collaboration, and ultimately, to making a bigger difference in our communities.

Jim Canales
Formerly CEO of the Irvine Foundation and now CEO of the Barr Foundation, Jim explores the conditions that lead to strong collaborations. 

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Debra Jacobs
The CEO of Florida’s Patterson Foundation, Debra explores a different dynamic for the relationship between foundations and on-the-ground service providers. 

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Lori Seibel
The CEO of the Community Health Endowment in Lincoln, Nebraska shares what is possible when questions about cost and control are the last questions asked, not the first. 

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 Download and listen to these interviews, and be inspired to try new approaches to your own collaborations!

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