Reinventing Funding Partnerships: Conversation with Debra Jacobs & Sidney Hargro

Wednesday, June 19th at 11am Pacific time (North America), join us for the next episode in our series of conversations with experts and advocates for rethinking how social change is resourced and sustained – specifically as that relates to partnerships between funders/investors and the projects they support.

To join in the conversation, watch for the video stream to appear at the end of this post. Details about this series can be found here.

This week’s participants are strong advocates for finding more human-focused ( approaches to the work of foundations – Debra Jacobs from the Patterson Foundation, and Sidney Hargro from the Community Foundation of South Jersey.  Learn more about them here. We look forward to your being part of this conversation!

The video will appear right here when the meeting begins. Please note that there will be no video until the meeting starts. If it’s 11am sharp and there’s no video, please wait for it – we may just be starting a minute or two late.

To ask questions, to share observations, to participate as part of our community – tweet to us using the hashtag #CTFuture.

Postscript: Due to a last minute scheduling conflict, Kathleen Enright, who was scheduled to be part of this session, was not able to join us.

Listen to the Audio Only:

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