The Five Missing Qualities Every Board Member MUST Have

By Susan Detwiler  We all know that getting the right board members around the table is crucial. That’s probably why there are thousands of articles and blog posts that talk about recruiting new board members. Some focus on the “attribute grid” or “board matrix,” or “skills grid.”  That’s the grid that helps you identify the skills and attributes you want on your … Read more

Building Leadership with Thought-Provoking Questions

Leadership – there are likely few topics in the world about which more has been written. With so many resources and sometimes contradictory theories to consider (think “Servant Leadership” and “Machiavellian”), finding a personal leadership style that feels authentically “you” can sometimes seem like an unending quest. Establishing the leadership culture in an organization can … Read more

Conflict of Interest & Transparency

The post on Conflict of Interest earlier this week has led to some of the most interesting discussion about organizational leadership issues I’ve seen in a while. To all who participated, thank you! (And to all who missed it, read through the comments here.) Of the many issues that arose in that discussion, some have … Read more

Founding Boards & Conflict of Interest

Conflict of interest is a critical matter for any board, but it is particularly an issue among founding boards. After all, those boards are usually filled with people who are close to the founder – and when that happens, all sorts of potential for conflict arises. As we build the board at Creating the Future, … Read more

6 Steps to Creating a More Positive, Optimistic World

Twitter got me thinking this weekend, as I read yet another diatribe from someone rather famous. It’s obvious he really wishes the world were a better place, because he spends pretty much all his time on Twitter rambling on about how bad things are. I found myself refraining from sending him a note that said, … Read more

Coaching vs. Consulting

An interesting discussion ensued on Facebook the other day.  As I pondered a blog post that has been brewing in my mind, I asked, “Coaches: I’m working on a list of the ways coaching is different from consulting. Any ideas / thoughts?” I was not prepared for 18 responses, some contradicting others, all of which … Read more