Let’s Craft this Proposal Together!

For the very first time in their history, BoardSource is opening their 2013 conference to speakers outside their own realm. Which means that pretty much everyone remotely related to boards and governance is spending this week writing a proposal to present at the BoardSource conference – including us! Several of Creating the Future’s governance geeks … Read more

6 Razones para usar el término "Organización de Beneficio Comunitario"

Since Hildy published it at her blog back in 2009 (and we then reposted it here on this blog), the post 6 Reasons to Use the Term “Community Benefit Organization” has become one of the most reprinted articles we’ve published. We are now especially honored that two Humanics Scholars at California State University, Fresno – … Read more

Business Model or Mission Model?

In plain English, the word “mission” doesn’t mean “something we do forever.” A mission is either accomplished or impossible. We either get the job done, or we go home. Which means the most powerful question any change effort can ask is, “If we intend to accomplish our mission and actually change conditions in our communities, … Read more

Language and Voice and the Things That Matter

Words matter. The words change leaders use to tell their story can make or break how effective they are in accomplishing their goals. Over the past few months, Creating the Future has been intently exploring what words best describe the work we are doing. Through online meetings and private conversations, experts and fans have guided … Read more

When Values are a Verb

In Creating the Future’s immersion courses, one of the posters that greets participants is the one to the left here – Values as a Verb. Put simply, values are nothing but empty words if they are not put into action. At its August 2012 board meeting, the board of Creating the Future therefore discussed the … Read more

Join our Branding / Messaging Meeting Right Here!

Friday (tomorrow), February 22 at 4pm Eastern time we will be live streaming the continuation of our Branding / Messaging work. (For context, a summary of the first two meetings and the thinking that arose from them is at this link.)  You will be able to watch that live-streamed discussion right here. (The video will … Read more