Words that Unintentionally Bring Out Our Worst

As we’re crafting the second course in our new curriculum – Catalytic Listening – we have been talking about creating “cheat sheets” as reminders. One of those sheets will include a list of words and phrases that inadvertently not only fail to bring out the best in ourselves and others, they actually bring out the … Read more

What is a "Fellow"?

Fellow: (In academia) a member of a group of learned people who work together as peers in the pursuit of mutual knowledge or practice (per Wikipedia). For nearly a year, our Creating the Future community of immersion graduates have been referring to ourselves as fellows. As a community, we played with words like graduate, practitioner, … Read more

What Financial Conversations Could Be…It’s About More Than Money

At our most recent board meeting for Creating the Future, we took time to deeply explore the role financial management, reporting, and leadership should play in the organization. As a demonstration project exploring what could be possible for all boards, we spend a fair amount of time engaged in a process talking about process. I personally … Read more