What's in a Name?

What’s in a name? A whole lot! We have been talking for a while about a name change at the Community-Driven Institute. If you’ve read the posts that describe the Institute’s vision, its accomplishments towards that vision,  its goals for the coming 2 years, you know that the name “Community-Driven Institute” just doesn’t cut it. … Read more

How Do We Inspire Others?

Several months ago I began to wonder if the highest potential in each of us isn’t simply to encourage the highest potential in others.  That question has been a powerful force for me, bringing with it all sorts of other questions. What is it that inspires us humans to be our very best – to … Read more

Sticks and Stones

Reading the paper every morning reminds me how much words matter. Express a thought with one word, and it can conjure a whole different image than another word that describes the same thing. An example: In my local market, I can buy “Organic” vegetables, or I can buy “conventionally grown” vegetables. Another word choice, another … Read more