Bringing Out Our Best (When We’re At Our Worst)

The worst time for having to be with lots of other people is when we’re feeling stressed or even depressed. The holidays often bring both those things at the same time — stress AND being with people. Talk about set up to fail! My Catalytic Thinking practice has changed all that for me. When I let that … Read more

Legal Compliance Made Interesting (July 2016 Board Meeting)

The July 2016 Creating the Future board meeting will focus on legal compliance. • While Creating the Future is in transition from one organizational structure to the next, are we remaining in compliance with the law? With our own bylaws? • If not, what will we do about that? Warning: If you’re thinking this is a … Read more

Mashing Up an Education Tech Platform

Last fall, as we set out to launch a new online curriculum at Creating the Future, Dimitri posted this post asking for input about possible technology platforms for teaching these classes. Many people responded to that post, some in the comments, many more privately. Some suggested specific platforms, while others helped deepen our search by … Read more

Set the Stage for Planning with Compelling Questions

When preparing to plan, what are the most important questions to answer, to set the stage for successful and impactful planning? The experts in Creating the Future’s Facebook group for consultants to community benefit organizations have a wealth of experience in this type of work, so we asked for them to share their wisdom on … Read more

High Potential Listening

One of the most important skills of any changemaker is the ability to listen. But what are we actually listening for? And what should we be doing with what we hear? These are the questions at the heart of Creating the Future’s FlashClass, “High Potential Listening.” After that class is over, this post will be the … Read more