Catalytic Thinking in Action Blog Development: Meeting #3

Amazing people have now met twice to figure out the wonderful possibilities of a story-telling platform that helps people apply Catalytic Thinking to all their relationships, situations and daily lives. Wow! Together we’ve explored the highest potential of the platform and for whom. We’ve identified a long list of people who could benefit, directly and … Read more

Mashing Up an Education Tech Platform

Last fall, as we set out to launch a new online curriculum at Creating the Future, Dimitri posted this post asking for input about possible technology platforms for teaching these classes. Many people responded to that post, some in the comments, many more privately. Some suggested specific platforms, while others helped deepen our search by … Read more

Creating a Website from Scratch – Part 3

To read a complete transcript of the rich discussions that happened during this meeting, click here. Background Overall background for our web strategy is here. The video of Meeting #2 is here. You’ll find a summary of Meeting #1 here. The video of Meeting #1 is here. Strategy Process Our web strategy process will use … Read more