High Potential Listening

ListeningOne of the most important skills of any changemaker is the ability to listen.

But what are we actually listening for? And what should we be doing with what we hear?

These are the questions at the heart of Creating the Future’s FlashClass, “High Potential Listening.”

After that class is over, this post will be the place for asking questions, sharing aha’s, and digging deeper into what you learned. And to encourage learning from each other, this post will serve that purpose not just for one group, but for all sessions of this FlashClass, regardless of when you take it!

High Potential Listening
Everyone talks about the power of listening. If you’ve taken a sales or marketing class, or even a social work class, you are familiar with terms like “Active listening” and “Reflective listening.”

High potential listening is not about any of that. Instead, it is about helping people discover their own inner wisdom – wisdom they didn’t even know they had. It is about creating an environment to help people transform fear and scarcity into possibility and potential.

High potential listening helps to explain why people who ask for advice often argue with the advice we give them – or simply fail to do what we suggest.

It is about reframing what we hear, to respond in ways that bring out the best in those around us. It is about transforming people’s frustrations and problems into motivating outcomes, by listening for what is possible – hearing the powerful clues they are sharing about their dreams and values and strengths… clues we fail to see when we are focused on what’s not working.

We hope you will share what stood out for you in that class right here!


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