What is Creating the Future?

Logo - newWhat is Creating the Future? Being an enterprise rooted in an idea (vs. a Food Bank or Crisis Shelter or org that builds wells in the developing world), we hear that question every day.

Our tagline helps to answer that question: “Change the Questions, Change the World!”  

But what questions are those? And how do those questions change the world?

We’ve gathered some resources to help answer that question. First, the simple answer:

Creating the Future’s mission is to ensure that everyone, everywhere, knows how to move beyond reacting to problems, to create what is possible, by bringing out the best in each other, in organizations, and in our world.

To accomplish that, Creating the Future is a living laboratory. We share what we learn in our research & development efforts via education programs, demonstration projects, and convening conversations online and in-real-life. As a laboratory, we feed what we learn from those efforts back into our R&D work, creating a cycle of Learning / Practicing / Sharing that builds wisdom upon wisdom, accomplishing the mission by the simple acts involved in every aspect of our day-to-day work.

The following resources share what that looks like, both in theory and especially in practice.

• Creating the Future’s Theory of Change 

• VIDEO and MP3: Change the Questions, Change the World! Hildy’s 40 minute talk at Portland’s City Club

• TEDx talk: Hildy’s talk “How to Create the Future”

• The Pollyanna Principles – the principles at the core of our work, and what those principles look like in action

• Catalytic Strategy FlashClass (Part 2 of the Theory of Change, in a +/- 30 min class)

• Catalytic LIstening FlashClass (Details about the “listening” part of the strategy framework)

We are continuing to add to those resources, and we’ll update you as we do. For now, we hope these guide you to create the future of your own world by bringing out the best in those around you!

(And yes, that is our new logo! Keep an eye out for it to appear all over our website and blogs. Thanks to all of you who helped us choose it!)



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