Next Step: Facilitated Conversations to determine the future of Creating the Future

Creating the Future is asking our community to determine what’s next for our mission. And we’re using Catalytic Thinking to guide that effort. You can see our action plan here.

So far, we have put into motion the first 5 out of the 9 steps in that plan. Those steps all centered around written responses to the first three Catalytic Thinking questions:

1) Who will be affected by what’s next for Creating the Future?
2) What is the best possible outcome of our work, for all those individuals and groups?
3) What is important to the respondents about Creating the Future’s work?

We received over 60 thoughtful responses to those questions!

We then sorted those responses, identifying 3 core themes that seem to encompass the spirit and intent of those responses.

  1. Our work is important because it helps reframe and shift mindsets, to create change in people’s lives and their work, towards creating a more healthy, humane, equitable world.
  2. Our work is important because it helps connect people with others who are practicing Catalytic Thinking.
  3. It is important to consider more effective points of entry to Catalytic Thinking and the work Creating the Future is doing.

The Next Step
To dig into the next set of questions in the Catalytic Thinking framework, we have scheduled live conversations via Zoom. You can sign up to be part of those conversations at this link.

In those conversations, we will focus on the conditions that will lead to those outcomes. For each of the 3 themes noted above, we will be asking…

 “What do people need to know / have / learn in order for each of those outcomes to be realized?”

You can begin to see how those questions – what people need to have and know and learn – will translate easily into actions Creating the Future can take to turn our community’s aspirations into reality.

These facilitated conversations will happen in December. Then in January, we will all work together as a community to prioritize which actions to work on first.

These are some of the most energizing and inspiring conversations to be part of. There is something powerful about dreaming of what’s possible, and then creating the cause-and-effect path that will lead to that outcome. We hope you’ll be part of that energy! Just click here to join in.


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