Creating the Future: Coming to Your Community!

Every few years, Creating the Future’s founders take our mission on the road, sharing Catalytic Thinking with communities within a specific region. Before the pandemic, they drove from the top to the bottom of California. In years past, they’ve gone as far from their home in Tucson, Arizona as the eastern US, visiting 20+ communities in between.

The goal of these tours is simple: Expose as many people as possible to the power of Catalytic Thinking.

If you would like to participate in our next tour, bringing Creating the Future to your community, here are some details.

What We Can Do
There are several things we can do to bring people together in your community. Here are just a few, and we are happy to talk with you about other ideas you may have.

Hildy Gottlieb stands next to a white board, teaching a workshop. There are community members in desks facing her.Workshops
A half-day (4 hours) in-person workshop where people can learn and explore together. Topics could include any of the following:

○ Catalytic Thinking (you can see content at this link)
○ Resource Sharing / Collective Enoughness (check out content at this link)
○ Catalytic Listening (content is here)
○ Community Impact Planning – an effective alternative to strategic planning (check out content here)

Small discussion group gathered on folding chairsConvenings
Bring together your coalition, collaborative partners, or Collective Impact group to consider the kinds of visionary change you can accomplish together.

Or… bring together the funders in your town to see what it would take for their existing grants to create more change.


Whatever your goal, gather a group of like-minded leaders, and let’s focus together on what it would take to create more visionary, systemic change. And we’ll facilitate the conversation – using Catalytic Thinking of course!

What does it cost?
You may have seen that tuition for all our programs at Creating the Future is pay-what-you-can. We ask folks to pay “No more than you can afford, and no less than you think it’s worth.” (Thank you to Creating the Future fellow Gayle Valeriote for that wording!)

For these in-person events, we ask communities for the following:

  • Cover our lodging the night before and the night after the event.
  • Make a donation to Creating the Future – again, no more than you can afford, and no less than you think it’s worth.

That’s it!

First Steps
The first step is simple. Send us a note at this link and let us know what you’re thinking about. Then let’s have a conversation. That’s all there is to it.

We can’t wait to connect, to see what we can accomplish together, to create a healthy, humane, equitable future for your community!

100+ people listening to a speaker at a conference