Using FREE Technology to Engage Your Board – a Non-Techies Guide

Imagine if your board members were more deeply engaged in your organization’s work had all the information they needed AND read it / understood it each month had critical documents such as bylaws at their fingertips (without having to haul around a 3-inch-thick policy binder). knew each other as people (rather than as “Bob – … Read more

Business Model or Mission Model?

In plain English, the word “mission” doesn’t mean “something we do forever.” A mission is either accomplished or impossible. We either get the job done, or we go home. Which means the most powerful question any change effort can ask is, “If we intend to accomplish our mission and actually change conditions in our communities, … Read more

Boards that Value Learning

When most nonprofit leaders think of “board development,” they think of formal, group-based training events – usually held outside of regularly scheduled meetings. If the board has brought in a consultant, members want to make the most of that fee-based time; so they direct that person to cram as much information into as few hours … Read more

Going Behind Closed Doors

Even when the leadership of an organization has vowed to engage transparently in everything the organization does, occasionally circumstances will require that a discussion be held behind closed doors. Because Creating the Future is doing its best to engage openly in all its decisions and actions, this is a very real issue for us! At … Read more