What can we accomplish together that none of us can accomplish on our own?

Creating the Future's mission is nothing short of global systems change, so that systems in all walks of life are bringing out the best in we humans, in any situation we find ourselves. To accomplish that mission will require a whole world full of people, coming together in large and small gatherings, to share ideas, learn together, explore together, help each other and share resources together.

Convening is therefore at the core of all our work, every day. Here are just some of the ways Creating the Future's convening mission happens:

  • Ongoing communities of practitioners (join one of those communities below)
  • Our board and strategy meetings are all invitations for you to join those conversations (Watch recordings of past meetings at this link. Notice that there is no distinction made between board members and community members. Whether those community members are in the actual meeting or participating via Twitter, everyone in our meetings is there to participate simply as humans with shared interests. If you'd like to join any of our upcoming meetings, subscribe to our eJournal at the bottom of this page - that is where we announce upcoming events.)
  • The very structure of our organization is about to change, to demonstrate an organizational structure rooted in convening - hubs of people with shared interests, coming together to connect with others and share resources. (See the progress of that effort at this link. And if you're interested in participating in that structural change effort, let us know here.)
  • All our classes, from our downloadable self-paced classes to our intensive immersion practicum classes, have a community component. 

The common thread among all these approaches to convening is Catalytic Thinking - the framework that guides the questions we ask, and the order in which we ask them. If you would like to know more about the difference Catalytic Thinking makes in any gathering, from the "gathering" of you and your loved ones to a full-blown conference, you can read more about the framework here.


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