Dealing with our Dreams for Creating the Future

Creating the Future’s board meeting will happen at this post on Monday, November 10th at 1pm ET / 10am PT.

Board Packet Materials: November 2014 Creating the Future Board Agenda

boulders for nov blog postAt its November 10th, 2014 meeting the Creating the Future board will be tackling two hefty subjects: beginning our planning to accomplish our mission and continuing our conversation about workplace practices that bring out the best in everyone.

Last month, board member Karl Wilding suggested that our board wants to “deal with our dreams for the organization”. Planning will allow us to have clarity around the success we’re all aiming for and help us to be able to ask questions about how we’re progressing towards our goal.

As a board, we have been having planning-type conversations for the past two years. As we’ve been exploring and de-constructing governance (particularly in the community benefit sector), we have also been laying down our dreams and expectations of how Creating the Future might experiment with new approaches.

Over the next few months we intend to put more dedicated focus on planning, particularly identifying those indicators that will tell us where we’re at in our journey to success. We truly hope you will join us along the way.

Also this month, we will be returning to our September conversation around defining practices that will make Creating the Future an enlivening place to work. This time our focus will be on evaluation as a process that brings out the best in people who work for us, both paid and unpaid.

Imagine what it makes possible, asking the question, “what is the role of evaluation in bringing out the best in people holding any position within our organization?”

We want to learn what it would take for evaluation to accomplish that goal. We want to decide what it would look like, who it would include, how we would implement it. What might a new form of evaluation become in practice? What will individuals be asking, of themselves and of the organization? How will we know if evaluation has been successful in creating the conditions we want it to create?

We do hope you will join us!

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