Boards & Governance: Building an “Integrity Board”

If there were no such thing as organizations as we currently know them, what would we build to accomplish social missions and propel social change forward? For the past four years, this question has been at the heart of our board’s discussions.* Because Creating the Future is a grounds for experimenting with systems change, this … Read more

Democratizing Boards – a Conversation

In the world of social change, the word “accountability” is bandied about regularly. Unfortunately, beyond the mandate for compliance with legal entities and the regularly-noted-yet-little-understood notion of “accountability to the community we serve,” there is little discussion of what accountability really means. Accountable to whom? For what? And what does that accountability look like in … Read more

Compliance, Expectations and Commitments: To Whom? For What?

If there were no such thing as organizations as we currently know them, what would we build to accomplish social missions? At our March 2019 meeting (watch or listen here), Creating the Futrue’s board began tackling the nuts-and-bolts of starting anew – designing a brand new structure rooted in the question above.  To understand our … Read more

Making the Commitment to Reorganize Creating the Future (January 2016 Meeting Summary)

On January 11th of 2016, Creating the Future’s board and community members took the leap; we made the commitment to restructure this organization, so that we are modeling what life could look like if our mission were accomplished. What would organizations be like if they were structured to bring out the best in everyone – employees, … Read more

Leading a Movement (vs. Being a Board)

At its meeting last month, Creating the Future’s board took on one of the most important questions any board might tackle – the future of the board itself. What does leadership mean for an organization that intends to “accomplish a mission” vs. self-perpetuate? As it becomes more and more clear that what we are leading … Read more

2015 Board Agenda Topics

At our February meeting, the Board created a list of meeting topics we need to focus on this year. They are interconnected so we’re finding that in several instances coming to some conclusion about one topic depends on discussing another. Thankfully, Gayle has been brilliant at helping us stay focused, following the Creating the Future … Read more