This area is filled with how-to articles, engaging conversations, and tons of examples of Catalytic Thinking in Action including actual planning sessions. Much to explore and learn from!

Monday Morning Rock Out!

It’s the start of another start of another week of creating the future for your community! These days, I’ve been in the middle of the project of a lifetime – finishing up the development of the first Immersion Course for Pollyanna Principled Consultants! Talk about a massive endeavor – sometimes we wonder if we will … Read more

Learning by Teaching

Several weeks ago I blogged about a conversation with my almost-85-year-old mom about Twitter. Explaining Twitter to Grandma Rose has become one of the most popular posts I’ve ever written, still being passed around the web (and please, keep sharing it!). This morning I offer you Part 2 of that story. I called Rose last … Read more

Intro to Community-Driven Consulting

As part of the launch this week of The Pollyanna Principles, we hosted a 90 minute teleclass, Introduction to Community-Driven Consulting. The class touched on a range of questions, including these: • What is Community-Driven Consulting and how is it different from the consulting I’m doing now? • Will I have to learn all new … Read more

Outreach vs. Engagement

Being in Day 3 of this fabulously energizing week, I have had little time to blog. I did, however, want to share an observation I have noted perhaps every single hour of this week: There is a huge difference between “outreach / marketing” and “engagement.” And given the choice between them, I’ll take engagement any … Read more

How Do Hard Times Serve Us?

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill After my daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease several years ago, we went from doctor to doctor, seeking relief. One of those doctors had been going through his own transformation (he has since entirely given up … Read more

Inspiring Boards

Just as I finished yesterday’s post on the power of inspiring boards (vs. always complaining about them), I saw this newly released video from this year’s TED conference. And man if Barry Schwartz doesn’t say the exact same thing, giving statistical proof that inspiration will accomplish what neither rules NOR incentives can. When we humans … Read more