Donors are Not Extemely Happy

The Nonprofit Times reports the following: “Only slightly more than 1 in 10 donors (13 percent) say their experience as a donor exceeded expectations, according to a new survey. While 83 percent of donors said their experience met expectations, it leaves “more room for improvement for nonprofits to wow their donors,” said Dirk Rinker, president … Read more

Nonprofit Board 101 – Accountability

“My board shows all the signs of NOT being ready to recruit. So what do we do?” That question came from a reader of my Board Recruitment & Orientation workbook.  She was responding to a chapter that lists indicators for whether or not a board is ready to recruit.  (There is a similar article at … Read more

Boards and Fundraising – Enough!

When will we stop the ridiculous demand that boards get past their “hang-ups” and just get out there and ask people for money? This morning’s Google Alert linked me to yet another article excerpted from yet another book on how to get boards to “Break Through Fundraising Anxiety” – this one from BoardSource, but it … Read more

Family Financial Stability – Building Blocks for the Common Good

Last week in Reno, Nevada, +100 leaders from the worlds of Business, Government, and the Community Benefit sector convened at UNR’s beautiful new Student Union building, to ask and answer, “What will it take to make families in Northern Nevada financially stable?” I was blessed to be their facilitator. Blessed because it was a shining … Read more