The Collaboration Prize is Self-Defeating

My heart just sank when I saw that the Lodestar Foundation is offering a $250,000 prize for the most worthy collaboration. Yes, it sank. Why does the sector that should know better continue to insist on treating organizational and sector-wide symptoms? If we know that symptoms-based approaches accomplish little more in our communities than sprinkle … Read more

Debunking "Accountability to Donors" – Finale

We accomplish what we hold ourselves accountable for. In wrapping up the past week’s rant about the issues related to Donor Accountability, I want to first share what triggered that rant. And then I want to share what we can do to hold ourselves accountable in a way that makes donors happy and, most importantly, … Read more

Debunking “Accountability to Donors” Part 6

Is the Donor Accountability movement correct? Should community organizations be aiming their primary accountability squarely at their donors? Having spent the week throwing grenades at that notion, today’s is the last argument I will make before wrapping up this subject tomorrow. (If you have not read the posts leading up to this one, you can … Read more

Debunking “Accountability to Donors” Part 5

As I have noted throughout this series, the notion that organizations are primarily accountable to their donors not only misdirects organizational focus, but it is fraught with logic holes large enough to comfortably house a family of four. In my posts today and tomorrow – the last posts before I wrap this up – I … Read more

Debunking “Accountability to Donors” Part 4

In this series, I have considered the logic flaws in the argument that organizations should be holding themselves primarily accountable to their donors. So far, I have considered the following questions: 1) Are fully funded / endowed organizations with no donors accountable to no one? 2) Should different levels of giving receive different levels of … Read more