Inspiring Boards

Just as I finished yesterday’s post on the power of inspiring boards (vs. always complaining about them), I saw this newly released video from this year’s TED conference. And man if Barry Schwartz doesn’t say the exact same thing, giving statistical proof that inspiration will accomplish what neither rules NOR incentives can. When we humans … Read more

Boards – No Wonder!

The other day, I got this tip from a group that specializes in boards and governance. (I’ve redacted the name of the high-profile organization from whence this VERY long paragraph came. I suggest skimming it – don’t read every word or you won’t get to the good stuff!) “Addressing noncompliant board members can be a … Read more

6 Steps for Connecting Donors to What is Possible

Last week I received a note that became the post Joan is Going Nowhere. In that post, Joan described her frustration with her ED’s mandate that fundraising focus on the donor vs. the needs of the population her organization serves. I am grateful for the great wisdom you all shared with Joan – being gone … Read more