Progress Report: May 2013

If you’ve been following our work so far this year, you know that the sheer volume of what we’ve accomplished is breathtaking. Planning in several key areas, including volunteering/participation/engagement, resource development, program development and branding/messaging.

And that was just in the first quarter!

Perhaps feeling the breath of that first quarter on its neck, the first month of 2013’s second quarter is sprinting out of the gate.  Herewith, our progress report for the month since our last board meeting.

(And just a note of our own realization – much changes when we have a 10 year mission to accomplish vs. an ongoing mission to provide service. No longer is a report simply a ‘report to the board’ or a ‘status report.’ It is a progress report, noting what has been accomplished, within the ever-present context of accomplishing our mission. 

What would change for your own work if you knew you had 10 years to accomplish something grand on behalf of the world (or your part of it) – and that in 10 years time, you would shut the door, whether or not the mission had succeeded?  As always, much to consider – and much work to do!

Note: For ease of viewing, slides from the video are below the video. (And if you are viewing this in an email reader, click here to watch the video of our report.)

Strategic Initiatives in Context of Mission


Demonstration Projects in context of mission




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