Community Conversations about Things That Matter

Social change advocates talk a lot about engaging conversation, about bringing people together. And yet, attend just one parent-teacher or chamber of commerce meeting where a contentious issue is being addressed, and you’ll know it’s not that easy.  Bringing together groups with different opinions may mean only that they have the opportunity to yell at … Read more

Teaching on Behalf of Creating the Future (Meeting #1)

What training do people need if they are going to teach on behalf of Creating the Future? What qualifications / qualities might we seek? Join us today at 3pm Eastern time, as we begin to explore these questions and more. Today's topic: What would educational programs look like if they are amplifying / accelerating a … Read more

Join our Branding / Messaging Meeting Right Here!

Friday (tomorrow), February 22 at 4pm Eastern time we will be live streaming the continuation of our Branding / Messaging work. (For context, a summary of the first two meetings and the thinking that arose from them is at this link.)  You will be able to watch that live-streamed discussion right here. (The video will … Read more

Resource Development Planning – Executive Summary

Last month, in 3 online discussions (complete videos of Meeting #1, Meeting #2 and Meeting #3) and several informal conversations, we developed the resource development plan for stabilizing and enhancing Creating the Future’s current efforts. This short video shares highlights from that plan, within the context of the mission we intend to accomplish. Looking forward … Read more