Faculty Development: Qualities and Proficiencies

On April 4th, the Faculty Development team gathered to begin drilling down.  If one of the primary goals is that our education programs “link the spiritual to the practical, giving people ways to act upon their values, to BE “care and love” right now, and to help others be that as well,” then what qualities and proficiencies must instructors have?  (You can see the full synopsis and analysis of that initial meeting, as well as the entire video of the session at this post here.)

That meeting about qualities and proficiencies was so lively that none of us wanted it to end.  As you’ll see in this video, we have much more to do, so we hope you will join us in this process! (Subscribe at our What’s New blog to be notified of upcoming meetings.)

This topic seems particularly relevant in light of the #NPCons twitter chat last month – how to deal with the fact that consultants are always learning, always reaching for what’s next – and yet clients hire consultants not for what they are learning, but for what they are already proficient in (or at least appear to be!). As we consider the proficiencies and qualities we are seeking in our instructors, we hope this helps you move through your own learning, as you become more proficient at the work you are doing!

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