6 Steps to Creating a More Positive, Optimistic World

Twitter got me thinking this weekend, as I read yet another diatribe from someone rather famous. It’s obvious he really wishes the world were a better place, because he spends pretty much all his time on Twitter rambling on about how bad things are. I found myself refraining from sending him a note that said, … Read more

Recruiting OUR Board!

It’s time for us to do one of the most exciting things I can think of – recruit the founding board for Creating the Future! Yes, exciting. It’s exciting because a board means this organization is real (not that we don’t already have programs that are extremely real, and all the other stuff that says, … Read more

Monday Morning Rock Out!

Happy Magical Monday, everyone! And it is indeed magical. After last week, I cannot help but see magic in everything around me! Last week, in a small room papered with wisdom and passion, six of us shared our dreams for the future we want to create. We laughed and we cried and we learned. In … Read more

What Does It Take to Reach for More?

Most of my quasi-sabbatical time has been spent exploring what I have been calling a “Continuum of Becoming” – a placeholder name, but a descriptor nonetheless. The “continuum” is a critical component to the work we are doing at Creating the Future. If we are seeking to engage everyone doing social change work in the … Read more

No Time to Think

The conversation I shared yesterday, with a young social change agent trying to find his path, brought up for me an issue that is glaringly absent in almost all discussions of “best practice” in the social change arena. Put simply, we devalue thinking, exploring, experimenting. What we value is “doing.” When individuals take time for … Read more

One Tip – and Only One – for Fixing Dysfunctional Boards

I confess that sometimes even this Pollyanna gets fed up. I don’t get fed up with the same things as most people in this field, though. I get fed up with blame and intolerance. I get fed up with pointing fingers at symptoms, focusing and refocusing on addressing those symptoms, drilling deeper and deeper, unpacking … Read more

Is That Really Governance?

Last week I saw yet another workbook published by yet another respected Governance group, providing yet another list of principles for “Good Governance.” And yet again, of its 33 chapters, one chapter is devoted to “Mission and Goals.” ONE CHAPTER! The rest of the book is a chapter-by-chapter list of what we could all recite … Read more