Board Meeting: March 2014

The March 2014 board meeting will happen right here on Monday, March 10 at 1pm ET.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen to watch here, and tweet your participation to the hashtag #CTFuture. This month's board meeting will be a brief one with just two items to discuss / act upon: Item 1: Adding … Read more

November 2013 Board Mtg: Bylaws & the Role of the Board

At today's meeting, Creating the Future's board will continue to the link between bylaws and the role of the board. Going through our original boilerplate bylaws section by section, what does each sections say about the role of the board in this organization? What systems and practices will support that role? To see the discussion … Read more

Board Meeting – July 2013

If you're looking for the July board meeting, it is right here! (Scroll down for the meeting itself). If you think the question, "How will our board handle our legal obligations?" is the most boring question in the world, you have not met Creating the Future's board! At our June meeting, our board prioritized "Processes … Read more