January 2016 Board / Community Meeting

At our December meeting, we made great strides in determining the pre-conditions for success if our organizing structure is to accomplish our mission. We will be blogging as summary of that meeting in the next day or two – including a schematic of what that structure might look like.

During our meeting on January 11th, we will begin to actually craft that structure.

This is one of the most exciting things we have ever worked on! And the reason is simple: By this time next year, the very structure that supports our work will be a highly visible example of our mission in action – an organizational structure that brings out the best in every person, in any situation. Seriously exciting stuff!

If you want to be part of this meeting, there are two ways to participate in real time (and many more after the fact – like watching the video and commenting after the meeting).

  1. Be part of the meeting itself, inside the video screen. If you have been following this issue and want to be part of the conversation live and in person, please click here and let us know – we will email you access info.
  2. Watch the video live in real time, and participate via the Twitter hashtag #CTFuture.

Either way, you can be part of creating a new kind of organization, with no ties to “the way it’s always been done.” We told you this is exciting!

Stay tuned. The summary of last meeting is on its way in the next day or so. Till then, see you on Monday!


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Twitter stream from the January 2016 Board Meeting

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