Organizational Structure That Accomplishes Change Board Meeting Dec-14

Creating the Future’s December Board / Community Meeting will take place right here on Monday, December 14th at 1pm ET / 10am PT. Watch the meeting live and share your ideas, questions, and observations by tweeting to the hashtag #CTFuture. If the video does not appear precisely on the hour, please be patient (and reload the page); we are probably just running a few minutes late.

At our December meeting, two big things will be happening. First, we will continue the conversation that has consumed us for most of this year – the question of what form of organizational structure can be an active participant in furthering our mission. Because if one thing became clear from our November conversation, it is that the very structure of an organization can actually be a catalyst for making a difference in the world.

The second big thing that will take place at our December meeting is that we will bust the walls off our “board,” to include anyone inside the hangout who is passionate about this issue. We will still be watching the Twitter stream for those who are more comfortable watching and tweeting. But for those who want to participate more directly in the conversation, right inside the hangout with us – well, our more inclusive organizational structure will begin right now!

(If you want to be inside the hangout with us, please click the contact button and let us know well in advance, so that we can make arrangements on the tech end for that to happen.)

We are excited to model inclusion in our discussion about building an inclusive structure. And we are excited to continue this conversation, to establish the pre-conditions for the high-potential success we imagined in November.

Whether inside the hangout with us, or alongside us via Twitter, we look forward to your being part of this journey, to create systems that bring out the best in all of us!


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Twitter stream from the December Board Meeting

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Photo credit: Chitra Sivakumar via Wikimedia Commons 

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