Creating a Website from Scratch – Part 3

To read a complete transcript of the rich discussions that happened during this meeting, click here.


Overall background for our web strategy is here.

The video of Meeting #2 is here.

You’ll find a summary of Meeting #1 here.

The video of Meeting #1 is here.

Strategy Process
Our web strategy process will use the catalytic framework that we use for everything at Creating the Future. We’ll begin by identifying the best possible outcome, and then reverse engineer to ensure that our web presence accomplishes those goals. Here are the questions we’ll be working through:

1) Identifying success:
What do we want our web presence to make possible? For whom?

2) Looking outward: Identifying pre-conditions for success:
For that result to come to pass, what do people need, that a web presence can provide?

What would people need to know?
What would they need to feel?
What would they need to be able to do?
What would they need to have?

3) Looking inward:
To create those conditions for the people who use the site, what will the website itself (and our web presence overall) need to provide?

Please share your ideas, questions, and observations by tweeting to the hashtag #CTFuture.

If the video does not appear precisely on the hour, please be patient – we are probably running a few minutes late.


Thanks for being part of this important effort!

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