Tech Platform for Online Classes

This October, Creating the Future will launch the first of a whole new series of online classes. These classes will provide the opportunity for participants to learn and especially practice the Catalytic Thinking framework that was previously taught only in 5-day, in-person immersion courses. Our goal is that students have the opportunity to go just … Read more

Are you Translucent?

Walking to work this morning, I passed a house that had replaced a window with glass bricks. That certainly provides for lots of security, and light does come through, but not much else. That started me thinking about the whole question of transparency in organizations. What comes through and what doesn’t?  What is the difference … Read more

Using FREE Technology to Engage Your Board – a Non-Techies Guide

Imagine if your board members were more deeply engaged in your organization’s work had all the information they needed AND read it / understood it each month had critical documents such as bylaws at their fingertips (without having to haul around a 3-inch-thick policy binder). knew each other as people (rather than as “Bob – … Read more